Balon Telli is the 1st player in the game. He has 24 kicking speed and 1 football per kick and he is the weakest player in the game. The other players have more footballs per kick, but Balon Telli only has 1 football per kick. He was in the Football Course training for a few goals. And he won against Payne Rubry's team.


  • The player must get Balon Telli to play matches, but he is weak but you can get him to higher levels. Get Balon to level 8, and unlock Schar Testeinger if needed to get footballs. And get Balon to level 16, 18 or 20 if you want to earn footballs. Then upgrade Balon and other players if you unlocked.


  • The weakest player with unusual football kicking speed and football per kick is weak.
Balon Telli

The player Balon Telli has good kicking power.

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