The 10th player is Brah Imivoc. He got a massive 1,440,000 footballs per kick and 126 speed. He takes down Lendo Wasky with 1.44 Million footballs per kick. And we found the first 10 players, Brah is the 10th player with a million footballs per kick and a powerful 126 kicking speed. He costs 75 Billion and it's hard to get this player, but you can get him if you have some footballs and you play matches to get him using a player ticket. And he won the Football League and his training was powerful, his team scored 21 Points. Wow! And won a game against Payne Rubry's team with a great 21 points.
Brah Imivoc

He is the first 10 Players list and he costs 75 Billion.


  • The player was in the Football League and scored more goals.
  • And the player was the first 10 players in the players list.
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