Meet the 13th player: Cristian Penaldo! He has a massive footballs amount of 258 Million per kick. He has a insane speed of 134 and never give up! He is after Rey Mar and he is ready to win the Football Competition and he beats Rey Mar with 258M footballs per kick and a excellent 134 kicking speed. He won the cup and his team has a super 33 Points and Zesut's team lost and Schar's team drawed. And lost but Severino Remos's team won with a intense 24 points.
Cristian Penaldo

He is cool, and strong player right next to Rey Mar and Leonardo Messa.


  • The thirteenth player was him, but after Rey Mar.
  • And he is special to kick footballs faster, and improved legs and foot to kick the ball that he has a lot of power.
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