There is a lot of footballs in the pitch.

For other uses, see Footballs.

Footballs or "Football" is a type that you tap on them in the game. And a football in the game that you tap in this game means you scored a goal in the game. And your players kick footballs and get footballs per second, and will get more power if tapping more footballs at once. The football types such as the Soccer, Spotty Ball and the Star Ball types are special and upgrading Tactics is a key to success and upgrading More Footballs will make more balls in the pitch and the football you tap is worth footballs. And don't forget to go to the Footballs page and see more information!


  • Footballs is the key to success in the game.
  • And all footballs can be found if needed.
  • Also it can be effective and powerful.
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