Footballs is a currency that you tap on footballs and getting players for automatically get footballs. Footballs are used for buying players and tactics. And you can get footballs in spins at the end of the match. And keep kicking footballs to earn more and but tactics for more football power. Now we got footballs, now we are ready for football challenges and you can win footballs in spins, taps and your players will help as well. And players will spawn a football when who kicks it, and building up the footballs per second. And footballs are used to get players to work and kick a football, or if you tap the balls in the pitch. And let's go and kick a football!


Footballs is a good currency which you can buy tactics, players and upgrade players. The game is good, but it's fun by tapping on balls to release them to the goals. It is too strong and upgradable, but it is better to upgrade the footballs to an spotty version of it.


The football currency is in the top middle.

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