The 11th player is Gamet Balen. His skills are great with a 8 Million footballs per kick and 128 speed. He costs a trillion footballs, and he is from the League B and A for to unlock him. He has a powerful 8 Million footballs per kick and 128 rapid speed for more football power and records and accurate more goals. He has more power than Brah Imivoc and more kicking speed. He won the Football League and he scored 1 goal, and his team scored 11 points and Payne's team only got 7 points. He lost but Rey Mar's team won. And unusual.


Gamet Balen
  • This player is way better than most players.
  • The player's speed was 130 speed, then was fixed in lastest update to correct football kicking speed.

Version HistoryEdit


Change balloon Fixed player speed only have 130 kicking speed instead of 128 speed

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