The final player is Leonardo Messa. His football production is a big 1.45 Billion per kick. And he has the powerful 136 speed and it's is super. He has rapid speed! And he costs 40 Trillion more than Cristian Penaldo. He is the most powerful player in the game. He is the last player in this game, but he won the League Cup and beaten Balon's team, Severino's team and he lost because Lendo's team won. He is the last player in this game, but he has a super speed of 136. Wow! And a billion footballs per kick. And he beats Cristian Penaldo with a massive 1.45 Billion per kick and a 136 power speed. And that's all the players.

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Buff Leonardo Messa is 40 Trillion more but it is more effective than Cristian Penaldo.


  • He is better than all players, but he is the last player who can handle the footballs per kick.
Leonardo Messa

He is the last and final player.

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