More Clicks is a upgrade for Tactics. It is useful to increase Football Value and increase football power. If you get all Normal More Clicks upgrades, it will upgrade the balls when players kick and when you tap them. And the Special Yellow Ball (gold ball) will be worth x250 more footballs if needed. Or the Blue Ball (electric ball) will be worth x1,000 more and you must tap it as fast as you can. And the More Clicks is a handy upgrade, for more football power and you can use the More Clicks powerup with Coins. And only 5% people taps balls faster, intense and powerful with in 10 seconds. Now let's get the balls ready and tap them!


The Tactics that have the More Clicks upgrade.


The More Clicks costs intense than before!


  • The tactic is used for the More Clicks so the football increases by more.
  • And last it is the powerup and a normal one. It will boost footballs per kick, and does not boost players.
  • Also it can boost your footballs per tap, can't effect players or Matches.
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