Tactics is another feature in Soccer Manager Clicker. You can upgrade your football power, football speed and the number of footballs in your pitch. It is easy to upgrade your tactics for more football value and power. It is easy to unlock players and tactics that will increase everything. Not just winning a lot of goals, tactics are useful to get more footballs and ball speed and number of footballs in the pitch. Use your footballs to buy tactics to power up the game, and getting players to automatically get footballs per second for you. You can unlock all 14 players if you have a quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000) footballs (more power) and the players and tactics are useful in the game. See Players List for more information about the players in this game!

Version HistoryEdit


Buff Added more tactics.


Change balloon Fixed some tactics.


Change balloon Fixed some tactics which cause crash


  • Tactics can boost your power and do anything in football matches. And will improve your football skills by upgrading one by one.
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